19 June, 2015

It's all about the US Open

Oh my goodness.  That's all you hear about ... well, that and the Seahawks mini camp.  But this US Open course is very different and yesterday was the start of the tournament.  The course is very hilly.  I'm not much of a golf fan, but the general public is really getting into this event.  And of course the sports talk guys are also all over it because the Mariners are sucking SO bad and the Seahawks just started their 6 weeks off.  Or another way to look at it -- six weeks until the start of training camp!

It stayed cloudy yesterday, most of the day, but no more rain.  This morning it is sprinkling and you can almost hear the ground sucking it up.  Again, it won't last long but I didn't have to water my tomatoes or herbs yesterday.  Back to sunshine tomorrow.

I sure love the IMA during the summer.  It is so quiet in the locker room and I don't have to fight for space.  I might run today.  My foot was a little bit tweaky though so perhaps I should stick to the bike and try running next week instead.

Last night after a little trip to Triplehorn I got the ends woven in on the blanket and popped it into the washing machine.  It came out looking super good and now it's drying on the table and pads.  I will give it to Mai tomorrow.  I still don't know what I want to start next though.  I kind of know what I want to do but I can't find a pattern that does it.  Except maybe the Breezy Cardigan.  My problem, if you can call it that, is that I have to incorporate stripes into it because I don't have enough of one color.  I have four white skeins, two of beige and one of brown.  It will be a very classic neutral piece.  I think I'll just buy it and dig in.  It seems to be a very good TV knitting piece.  While I would love to dig into a difficult project, I don't get the long amounts of peaceful knitting time I used to get when I was single so I can't be doing those types of things exclusively.  I always need to have a somewhat mindless project to hand.  And I am looking forward to my Artyarns Yarnbox in a few weeks and I am hoping that will be my tough project.

This weekend we've got a graduation party for my nephews on Saturday and Tink's vet appointment.  That's about it so I suspect there will be some chores in there as well. 

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