23 June, 2015

Some weekends just zip by

It was a quick one.  Saturday was chores and chores and then a graduation party.  The weather was great but I wasn't in the mood for a big ol' family party with a bazillion people I didn't know, so we didn't stay very long.  Just long enough to have a bite and talk to the major players.  

On Sunday all I had to do was grocery shopping and laundry.  Which was fine because I was not feeling all that great.  I don't know if something I ate didn't agree with me or if I had a little bug.  Whatever I was down most of Sunday and yesterday as well. 

On Friday I decided that I am not going to use that linen yarn but instead found a very cool wrap to make with beads (sound familiar -- I am stuck in a rut) to use the wonderful Ancient Arts Fiber Crafts merino bamboo from one of my Yarnbox shipments.  I am going to make the Shangri-la wrap.  Now I know I have a lot of wraps but my thinking was why make something just because I should use the yarn?  I mean, I enjoy making wraps and knitting is about enjoyment.  I know what happens when I knit something I should knit.  I don't.  It languishes in my pile of WIPs.  So maybe I'll trade or sell that linen.  I do have the yarn for a nice cardigan I'm looking forward to making so I don't see any reason to force myself to make a cardigan just to use the linen.  No, I don't want a linen wrap. 

Other than that .. starting a new project .. things are pretty stale around here.  I need something to shake things up.

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