16 June, 2015

Where the heck is my gray running skirt???

I am mystified.  I actually thought it was here at work in my bottom drawer, where I keep my workout clothes.  But it is not.  So that's why I bought the new black Adidas one.  However, I would really like to have that gray one so I don't have to wash my gym clothes during the week.  My second guess was one of the bottom two drawers in my chest.  I keep T-shirts and lounging pants, miscellaneous stuff in there.  I did a search and no skirt.  So while we were watching a movie Sunday I took out the two deep drawers that I use for socks and stockings and camisoles and all sorts of things and took everything out.  I ended up with a garbage bag of worn out socks, tights with holes, bras I'll never wear again, old camisoles but did I find a running skirt?  No.  No I did not.  Now my last chance is the closet.  On the top I have a couple of baskets and I can't remember exactly what's in there.  I moved to this house in August of last year and I was sure I was using my running skirt then but maybe not.  Maybe it's up there in those baskets.  I'll check tonight.

It was super hot yesterday.  I had to drop by the doctor's office to check on how my new medicine is working and then I stopped at the store to get things for a nice seafood salad.  It was much too hot to cook and I was craving a salad.  I got shrimp and crab and lots of fresh veggies and then made a nice dressing.  When we were ready we made our own salad.  Lovely.  I think we'll do it again tonight since I bought WAY too much seafood.  Or maybe I'll make some pasta.  I can't decide.

The blanket is nearly done.  I'm on the last row and then the bind off.  Unfortunately on the row before I screwed up almost an entire row of seed stitch!!!  Arghghgh!!  I can't rip it out.  There is no way.  I will have to think of some camouflage or maybe once it's bound off and washed it won't be noticeable .... except for me.  I'll know it's there.  Gah!  If I decide I can't stand it I'll have to rip out about 20 hours of work.  I would have to rip it back to before the seed stitch section starts.  I don't know.  I will have a think on it.

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