24 June, 2015

True Detective

Since I wasn't feeling 100% Sunday evening, I forgot all about watching the premier of True Detective.  I remembered yesterday though and set it to record, so last night we watched the first episode.  Was I confused?  Yes, yes I was.  That is the point, I guess.  All of the actors were very good.  I might have to watch it again before the next episode.

Noon knitting today and it's going to be a hot one.  It was hot yesterday and each day this week is supposed to be hotter.  And next week as well.  It even looks like we'll be getting a hot July 4th weekend, which is always unusual.  We don't have any plans though.  There is a family party on the 28th of June for a graduation, and then another family party on the 11th of July for visiting relations.  I don't think we'll be able to host a party on the 4th so maybe we'll be able to just have a quiet long weekend.  I wouldn't hate that.

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