11 June, 2015

Why is traffic always the worst on Thursday?

Why?  I cannot figure it out!  Could it be more people drive on Thursday if they're having a long weekend?  Leave straight from work Thursday so they drive in?  That doesn't seem like it could make that much difference.  What else could it be?  And actually the parking garage was not nearly as full as it was yesterday so clearly more people are driving in.  School isn't out yet, but it is finished for the medical and dental students.  I guess I'll never know for sure. 

I got some good work done on the blanket yesterday at noon because I could put it on the table while I worked rather than having it laying in my lap.  I guess I could also do that at home, but it's not really comfortable to sit at the dining table to knit.  I had a few chores when I got home -- laundry and watering the plants as well as the normal Tinkie walks.  I wanted to knit but I was tired and it was a little too warm.  It is cooling down a bit so maybe tonight?  Let's hope. 

Football is very much on my mind these days.  I know it's basketball and hockey playoff time but I don't care much about those sports at all.  But football will be starting up at the end of July and the OTAs have already started so that means there is a lot of football in the news.  So last night I watched (re-watched, to be more accurate) some episodes of The League.  They never get old.

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