29 June, 2015

Heat wave for sure

Friday was just plain miserable.  One of the faculty came into my office and exclaimed that it would be illegal for her to keep animals at this temperature.  Amen sister!  It is ridiculous and only going to get worse as the week progresses. 

It was too warm to knit on Friday so I sat in the shade and read for a while and ended up going to bed early.  The heat just saps me!  Therefore I woke up super early Saturday morning, which was good.  Ben had to work so he was out of the house before 7:30.  I got up, got cleaned up, got Tinkie walked, got a bunch of chores done and the laundry going and then ... then I had three solid hours to knit in the coolness of the morning before my hair appointment.  It was wonderful!  I got the first few rows of the pattern done.  It should go pretty fast, if I can carve out quiet time for knitting when it's cool enough.  But Sunday afternoon, before we had to go to a party, I had some time again to knit and ran up against another stupid knot in this ball of yarn.  Again, totally and completely my fault.  I spent another hour re-winding that ball.  Now we're good to go though.

I am getting SO antsy for a vacation.  A proper one, not just a long weekend, which is what we'll be having at the end of July.  Kelli wants us to come down to LA for a week, so I'm going to start working on that.  She wants us to come down in August, but I don't that that'll be possible.  More likely September.  It's something to work towards anyway.  And then .... Europe in April?  I'll have to count up vacation days.

First though I have to get through this hot hot day.

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