02 June, 2015

Cue the crickets

It is SO quiet here this morning.  I am alone in the suite and I haven't heard anyone walk by nor do I hear any distant voices.  It's spooky.  I know the chairman's assistant is here because I saw her when I came in.  But other than that ..... it's almost as if I got in an hour early. 

Yesterday was pretty quiet as well.  I had a nice workout at the IMA, and walked in the rain to get there.  Actually I was a little cold, having only brought a long cardigan rather than a jacket or coat.  It's the same today although not raining right now.  It makes me sleepy. 

I did have plans to knit last night, but I got cozy on the couch with Tinkerbell and just had a do nothing Monday night.  I watched stupid TV, cooked a Trader Joe's flatbread pizza and went to bed early.  I slept quite well so I am a bit surprised that I'm so sleepy but there you go.  Tonight I'll make roasted vegetables and do at least a couple of rows of the blanket.  It goes pretty quickly, actually.  It's perfect TV knitting.  Not totally boring.

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