17 June, 2015

Today's the day

I'm going to finish that blanket today.  Maybe not at noon knitting, although I should get pretty close.  But tonight for sure.  I just have a few more petals to knit and then the binding off of 550 stitches.  In pattern, which is a hassle since it's seed stitch.  I did want to do it last night, but what with one thing and another - getting my hair dried, Tink walks, preparing a deeeelicious meal, cleaning up.  At that point I just wanted to watch a little TV, read and fall asleep.  Tinkerbell has a very restless night, unfortunately.  She has an ear thing going on and that might have something to do with it.  Luckily I have an appointment with the vet this coming Saturday to get her some tranquilizers for the fireworks ahead so they can take a look at it then.  She hasn't had that problem for quite a while.  Not since I've been at this house so that's at least a year.  I kept the medicine so I'm able to get the treatment started, which is good.

Since my blanket is nearly finished I've got to choose a pattern for my linen cardigan.  I've got an idea of what I want but I've got to figure out if I've got enough yarn.  This was a pretty generous Yarnbox so I'm pretty sure I've got enough for the style of cardigan I want to make - an open fronted one kind of like the Whisper, but with longer fronts.

Well Saturday is the official start of Summer and the weather is still pretty spectacular as if we've been having summer all this month.  We should by rights be experiencing June Gloom, like they are in LA.  Ah well, no complaints here.  And the critters -- I saw two raccoons "sleeping" by the side of the road this morning on the way to the Transit Center.  And a few yesterday as well.  And the rabbits .... the only thing I've haven't seen yet this year are deer.  Maybe Tink keeps them away.

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