21 July, 2016

A change of plans

Well poo!  It's two weeks to my birthday and Ben still hasn't gotten a confirmation on the dates for San Francisco, although he thinks it is going to be in the next two weeks so that means my birthday weekend trip to Port Angeles is off and my party, of course.  He told me to go ahead with the Plan B to spend the weekend with my sister and nephews in California.  So today I'll make my reservations and at least I won't be alone for my birthday.  But I really wanted to go to Port Townsend.  Ah well ... we'll have a nice week in Oregon in September to make up for it.

I was itching to get at the longest bind off in history last night, but Ben had lots to talk about so I listened and then cooked a nice dinner - from scratch Putanesca with hot Italian chicken sausages with onions and peppers.  Easy and tasty. 

We had a teaching meeting yesterday and I found out that my hunch was correct - someone had been acting strangely last year, I said he was ill and sure enough that's what was going on.  It is odd to me though that someone would rather have people think he is an ass than admit to being ill.

Thursday ... not Friday.  It's going to be a long and hot day. 

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