13 July, 2016


When I started the Rising Dawn wrap a few weeks ago I was so happy that I had purchased the two balls of Silk Garden Sock yarn and I have been happily knitting along on this beauty, looking forward to finishing up and blocking it.  Ah, but now that I am up to 543 stitches and doing the last six rows before casting off, I realize that I am getting mighty close to being out of yarn.  I looked at the yarn label last night and compared it to the pattern and I see that I probably should have done that sooner.  I am going to be a football field short.  109 yards short.  I think that there is always a lot of wiggle room to these things but it turns out that in this case there might not be.  The good news is that I have a couple of skeins of Noro sock yarn that I could use to bind off.  Yes, different colorway but it might just work.  I won't panic just yet.

I had a busy morning and then took off at noon for my hair appointment.  I made a nice dinner - prosciutto wrapped chicken thighs and sauteed spinach.  And I got a great night's sleep.  Today is noon knitting and I've got a little bit of work to get to.  Pretty soon I've got to start getting my computer organized and cleaned up and start ferrying the stuff I am going to keep from my desk and shelves to my house.  And start throwing away things as well.  I'd like to get to that point but perhaps I'll wait until August.  I still have a few important deadlines to make.

This weekend is the Bite of Seattle so, weather willing, we'll go to that.  I've go to deadhead some roses.  Go to the dump.  Stuff.  But it's only Wednesday.

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