08 July, 2016

Global Entry application

I finally started my Global Entry card application yesterday.  After the last time at the airport I vowed I would never go through that mess again.  Pre-check is the way to go and for $20 more I can get Global Entry so I can skip the pesky passport checks as well.  Or at least expedite them.  I will get that finished up today.  I'll need to do a bit of digging to get my addresses for the last five years.  It's the first one after I moved out in 2011 that's going to be the hardest one to find I think.  The other one - Thornton Place - is still printed on my checks since I so rarely use them so that will be easy. 

Sunshine has been scarce and rain plentiful so that the plants are going crazy.  I only hope that we get some decent sunshine and heat in August so that the tomatoes I am sure are showing up will have time to ripen before the autumn rains start in earnest.  I am so pleased with my new rose bushes too.  All of them have new growth and buds and blooms. 

Not sure what's up for the weekend.  I have to see Jane tomorrow.  I'd like to get my hair done but my hairdresser's mother-in-law died this week so she may not be working.  I'll give a call anyway.  There was a concert in Cottage Lake  Park last night but it was raining and I didn't want to go.  There is a bunch of stuff happening in Redmond this weekend - Derby Days and an art festival - but again if it's raining I am not interested.  It does look like it might be decent on Sunday.

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