06 July, 2016

Removing eyelash extensions

Well I have been loving my eyelash extensions.  I love not having to put on eye makeup.  I love the look.  But they don't last forever and after a couple of fills you need to have them removed.  Or at least with the person I had been using.  I did a little research and found that one can remove them with steam and olive oil.  I didn't want to go through this entire week with scraggly eyelashes so Monday afternoon I started the process.  Of course, like almost any DIY project, the reality is a bit different.  I steamed and steamed and wiped down my eyelashes with olive oil, but I couldn't get the last few stubborn ones.  I looked pretty weird yesterday but gave it another go last night in the shower and ended up this morning with two left on my left eye and one on my right.  I did what they tell you definitely NOT to do, which is trim the stragglers.  Well I pretty much had to with just the two on one eye and one on the other.  So I don't look too crazy today and I imagine in another couple of days they will be gone.   And now I don't have any long eyelashes, just short ones.  I do use Latisse but couldn't when I had the extensions on.  I'll have to get another bottle from Jane this weekend.  Will I do extensions again?  Yes I will.  But I think next time I'll splurge and go to a really nice salon and see if the experience is any better.  They are an extravagance.  Might as well enjoy the experience as much as possible.

Salmon has been tops on my list for a few weeks and finally I cooked my salmon dinner last night.  It was delicious.  Really really tasty.  I just broiled it with herbs de Provence and salt, and served it with steamed potatoes and asparagus.  That is a perfect dinner.  All I was missing was a really good white wine.  Heaven knows what I'll cook tonight.  Leftovers maybe.

Tink was restless last night and I was up a few times.  But I was so sleepy I fell straight back to sleep each time I woke up.  I feel better today - not so groggy and it's Wednesday!  Happy Noon Knitting Day!  Let's see ... I have 9 more to go.  *sigh*

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