18 July, 2016

Happy Monday!

Seven weeks.  Just sayin'.

Well the summer is having a hard time returning to our neck of the woods.  Saturday was cloudy.  But you know what?  If you wait for good weather to do things in the Pacific Northwest you're an idiot.  You get out there and do things despite the lack of sunshine or whatever.  It wasn't cold, and it wasn't raining, and it wasn't windy.  So we got ourselves together and went off to the Bite of Seattle, arriving about 30 minutes before official opening time.  That's okay.  We weren't ready to eat lunch anyway at that hour.  We walked around, checked out the stages and beer gardens and vendors and the crazy crazy people.  In an hour or so I was ready for lunch so I got an awesome Vietnamese sandwich.  Oh ... it was SO good!  And Ben had a Gyro and then we headed to the beer garden by the Fountain Stage and settled in to listen to some music.  We heard two bands and then headed out for another stroll around.  By this time the people were moving in -- like around 2 o'clock -- and it was getting WAY too crowded for my comfort.  So we took off back to home.  We stopped to shop and then I took Tink to the Cottage Lake park for a nice long long walk.  She loves the park.

Sunday again was cloudy but we had errands and chores to do.  We took a load to the dump and picked up the new closet doors for the office/guest room.  We did yard work and laundry and then got cleaned up and went for an early drink/dinner at Preservation Kitchen to celebrate the anniversary of our meeting.  Wow, Preservation Kitchen is now my favorite happy hour place.  I have always loved it as a good restaurant, but they've also got a pub in the back with a little bit different menu and outdoor tables.  We had a few drinks and a great meal.  Then I watched a movie while Ben watched some war movie in the bedroom and, after the movie, I watched an HBO comedy special therefore staying up WAY too late.  I'm tired.

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