01 July, 2016

My new favorite thing

Starbucks has a mobile order and pay option on its app and I finally got around to using it this week.  You choose your coffee, the app finds the nearest Starbucks store and asks you if you want to use that store.  Then you press "order" and drive to the store, walk in and your coffee is sitting on the counter, all ready to go.  Awesome.  Especially now since the traffic is so light in the morning, I'm always so early to the bus.  I have plenty of time.

It was a long long day yesterday.  Today I am going to assume we're leaving early as we usually do before a long weekend.  I worked on the Rising Dawn shawl last night before and after dinner.  It is such perfect TV knitting!  It's getting pretty big but I got four or five rows completed before ten.

We are SO looking forward to taking off to Anacortes for Saturday.  Just a little get away and still we will have Sunday and Monday at home.  There's going to be a good band at the H2O and we know there are a couple of good restaurants we like to visit.  The weather won't be awesome, but it won't be raining either, so there's that.  And it's not home.

Week 10 is just about over.  Monday - 9 weeks and counting.

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