11 July, 2016


There seems to be an abundance of them around this year.  Or maybe it's because I have more flowers in the front gardens and on the patio?  I saw another this morning on the way out to take Tink for her morning walk.  I saw a really cute feeder this weekend at a street fair.  I kind of wish I had bought it.  I would dearly love to see more of them and up close.

More rain and rain and rain.  Mostly at night so in the daytime the clouds move away to show glimpses of blue sky and it gets warm.  There are little tomatoes on all of the plants now.  Let's hope we get some ripe ones this year!  Last year we had a cloudy and gloomy August and very few of them got red before the cold rains set in.  I want to be overflowing with tomatoes this year.

It was pouring rain Saturday morning so we decided to skip the Redmond Art Fair in hopes that Sunday would be better.  And it was.  The Art Fair however was a big disappointment.  We went to Mill Creek for lunch and their street fair, which was much like Duval's but the live music was better.  Still, it was quite boring.  I just couldn't get into it.

I got some good work done on my latest wrap - Rising Dawn - and I am a little scared I won't have enough yarn to finish it!  But I'll be able to find something I can substitute or I can go buy another skein of Noro and have some left over for mitts or something. 

Eight weeks today.  Eight looooooooong weeks.

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