14 July, 2016

Why one keeps the yarn

I had absolutely no luck finding a skein of my Silk Garden Sock in the correct colorway for sale.  It's discontinued which is how I got it in the first place.  But as luck would have it, on the bottom of my basket where I keep stray skeins of sock yarn, I found most of a skein of a colorway that is quite similar.  It will definitely work, especially for the binding off part.  So ... I just kept knitting.  Sometime soon it will be done, hopefully.  And then I think I'll do one of my ArtYarns boxes.

It's supposed to get quite warm today and it hasn't rained for a couple of days, so I must remember to water the plants tonight.  And I've got to deadhead the roses.  The new white one that we planted in the front bloomed like crazy, plus the other two have buds on them.  I am SO happy that they have taken so well. 

I've been quite busy at work lately.  The deadline for getting materials done for the MBB block is rapidly approaching and Kate has no end to the nasty chores for me.  Making Powerpoint presentations and entering questions for the exams.  Oh that is the WORST.  But you know what?  It keeps me engaged and the days are moving by a little easier.  I hardly knew where the time went yesterday.  Today I've got a meeting at 9 and at noon I've got to go up to the Mazda dealer to pick up my license plate.  I was looking at the temporary license and noticed that it expires this Saturday.  I texted the salesman and, even though he is out of the state on vacation, he got right back to me.  He had called the dealership and find out that the plate is there, but they neglected to email me about it!  Lucky I called.  And Ben got me an awesome Seahawks license place frame so I'm all set!

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