07 July, 2016

Hot air balloon

I was sitting in the back last night talking on the phone with my sister and I heard a funny noise.  A kind of whooshing noise.  It happened a few times and then over the trees comes a hot air balloon.  It was SO low that I thought it would hit the tops of the trees.  It was coming down fast.  I wonder where it landed.

I was sad yesterday.  It is hard extricating myself from my job.  Well, my job actually left me a couple of years ago, but this situation I'm in now ... it's difficult.  I am not happy and as much as I hate to hurry time along, I am all for rushing through these next eight weeks.

Ben informed me last night that he might have to do his three weeks in San Francisco at my birthday time.  I am therefore sad about that as well.  Three weeks!  And we have reservations in Port Townsend for my birthday weekend and I am very much looking forward to that.  I won't go without him.  What fun would that be?  But to be alone on my birthday as well??  That is no good.  My sister said I could come down to visit her and the boys.  As soon as we know when he's going I guess I'll do that.  It just sucks though.

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