22 July, 2016

Oh so close

Oh I can almost smell it!  I'm that close to the end of the bind off.  I had a couple of hours to myself last night and after chores and before dinner I sat and really got to work.  But I wasn't able to finish.  Tonight for sure.

It was hot and humid yesterday and I just couldn't face trying to dry my hair, so I am a frizzy head today.  Plus it started raining this morning, early.  Once these clouds move away though it's going to be hot and sunny for at least a week and maybe more. 

Yesterday was a boring boring day at work.  Nothing really to do.  I'm just waiting for the final big push to get Kate's class website done.  Then I can start the process of cleaning off my computer and packing up and/or throwing away nearly 30 years worth of office stuff.  Junk mostly.  I can't see myself taking any of this home with me except for a few pieces hanging on my walls -- the caricature of Tink that Ben had done when I lived at Thornton Place and two paintings of Trinity College that Emma gave me.   Most of the rest of this is just junk. 

Next week Tuesday I've got to do the late meeting since my replacement has concert tickets for that night.  Hopefully I can get rid of the MBB meetings soon as well. 

Because I didn't have to walk Tink this morning I was super early and got the early bus, getting to work super early.  Maybe I'll leave early - or should I say earlier - than normal today.

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