05 July, 2016

The ethical house cleaner

Because Monday was a holiday the house cleaner came on Friday instead.  When I got home I found a note on the dining room table saying something about "I thought it was washable".  I cast my eyes around and saw it then - my beautiful blanket that I had knit out of a merino and camel blend yarn was now a felted mess.  She had put my hand knit blanket in the washing machine!!  I guess other houses she works in has blankets made out of super wash yarn and she pops them into the washer every now and then.  It was an honest mistake and I didn't want her to feel bad.  She insists on giving me the next visit to at least partially repay me for the yarn.  That's pretty nice.  And now I have an excuse to make another blanket when the weather changes.

Well I say weather change but it's nasty right now.  I woke to rain yesterday morning and we really didn't see the sun all day.  Saturday we went to Anacortes and it was pretty nice there.  We got no rain and some sun.  We stopped in LaConner on the way up for lunch and Ben found a nice little watercolor that we put in the front hallway.  We got checked in early and spent the day walking around Anacortes.  Tink was having a good time, as usual.  She loves being out and about.  Then we had a little rest and went for a great dinner.  I had crepes with crab and a very tasty sauce and Ben had stuffed peppers.  We ate at a Mexican restaurant but the menu was very eclectic.  And yummy.  There was a rock band playing at the H2O and we had fun listening to the oldies and even dancing.  Oh but I was being very bad - I couldn't help myself and commented on the crazy dancing.  Geezers like us out there bustin' a move.  It is quite hilarious.

So - we start week 9.  It's going to be cloudy and cool all week but at least it's a short week.

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