15 July, 2016

Two years ago ....

I was on a visit to Paris.  Bastille Day in Paris was hot and humid.  Oh so very very hot.  And then yesterday we read the news about the attack in Nice.  I am sick to death of bad news and crazy people.  Maybe when I retire I'll retire from daily news as well.  I can barely stand to read Facebook anymore, although I believe that has more to do with finding out which of your friends are complete idiots.  Yeah ... well. 

Yay Friday!  I am trying oh so very hard to find goodness and fun in every day in this run up to retirement date, but sometimes it difficult.  I do enjoy my Starbucks pick up.  I've been taking advantage of that more and more.  It's awesome to be able to just drop by on the way to the bus, run in and run right back out with my coffee. 

Last evening it was just Tink and myself because Ben was out golfing with Andre.  There's a course very near his work and of course, Andre is pretty much mostly retired anyway, according to Monika.  I had picked up a brie tart and a nice salad when I got my license plates, which by the way came with a decent refund check, so after watching most of a movie I popped that into the oven and that was dinner.  I got the new yarn attached and I do think it's going to blend in just fine.  But these garter rows -- they are very long and binding off with the picot binding is going to take some time as well.  But it'll be worth it.

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