12 July, 2016

Short Tuesday

The only thing I've missed about giving away some of my duties is that I don't have a reason to leave early on Tuesdays.  But today I have a hair appointment at 1 o'clock so I am going to be leaving at noon.  I wanted to get my hair done on the weekend, but Christina's m-i-l died so here I am doing a weekday appointment.  Just think, in a few weeks I can do this all the time.  No more weekend appointments!  No more grocery shopping on the weekends! 

Yesterday was a busy busy Monday and I was exhausted by the end of the day.  Meetings and work work work.  Thank goodness for left overs.  I went home, did a few chores, had a shower and kicked back on the patio.  Then heated some left over chili and knit.  I had a great night's sleep too.  Probably because I was so tired from not sleeping Sunday night.  It was rather noisy.

The SOM announced the new Foundation's Manager position yesterday and that person is taking over MBB when I leave.  So that is a big sigh of relief for Kate since it's the person we both most wanted to have the job.  Not I just have to make it through the thousand cuts -- all of the little picky chores Kate will find for me to do.

Speaking of that -- better get to it.

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