27 July, 2016

The pain of changing TV providers

Well the Dish thing was going nowhere and I had to get something in place with pre-season football right around the corner.  I wasn't about to go back to Comcast, so Directv was the other satellite option.  I figured out the plan, got the order done and set up installation for this Saturday.  Ah.  Then I had to call Dish to cancel the current service.  I knew it was going to be tough and I wasn't wrong.  First they ask why you're cancelling.  Then they offer you a discount until the programming you are missing is re-instated.  Which, according to my customer service representative, would be soon because the executives were busy negotiating as we were speaking.  But there is no negotiating going on with Fox so we still have no channel 13, which is where the Seahawks games are broadcast, and no Joe TV .... on and on.  Oh my goodness she was relentless.  I told her a couple of times that I knew it was her job to try to talk me into not cancelling but it was to no avail and can we please get on with it.  So it's done now and we'll get our new service Saturday and we can start watching NFL Network again. 

I had to do the late meeting for the LAST time yesterday so I took off early and puttered around the house and garden until it was time for the meeting.  I had a gorgeous and tasty Caprese salad for myself last night and had a piece of left over pizza, which was not very good at all.  Tonight I'm alone so I'm going to finish off the steak in a nice salad with the last of the tomatoes I got at the farmer's market.  Won't be long before I've got my own tomatoes.  

Noon knitting today .... countdown 6 more including today.  Our little group has dwindled lately and it's mostly just been Monika and myself.  Ah well, that's progress I guess.

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