05 April, 2011

Here come the birds

It was still dark this morning when I heard a bird.  Mind you, this apartment complex is rather near the freeway so the traffic noise is not insignificant.  However, birdsong just cuts right through it.  I had to shut the window so I could catch another hour or so sleep.  Sunday night, for some odd reason, I had a very restless night so I slept like a log last night but I still wasn't all that keen on getting up.  It's cold in the morning still and this week is colder than it has been recently. 

Today it is not raining - or I should say not raining yet.  It is supposed to rain, but I saw patches of blue on the way in this morning so I am hoping that I can get a run in this afternoon.  I'm also doing an hour of the Wii Fit when I get home and loving it!  There are so many different things to do that I can't imagine getting bored of it for a long long time.  If I run in the afternoon, that's a bonus.  I still haven't been able to find a run in May though.  There are a couple in April but they are 1/2 marathons or 15K.  Too long for me at this stage.  I know there are a few 5K in June anyway, if I can't find one in May.

I gathered up all  the pieces of the Tepotzlan and the book and put them aside and picked up the camisole I started when I was on "vacation" in January.  I put vacation in quotes because it was one of the worst weeks of my life and to add insult to injury, I'll be paying it off for months and months.  That wasn't supposed to be the case but ... well, let's just leave it at that.  Anyway, I need to search out the magazine with the pattern for the camisole.  Somehow in the move it got separated from the project itself.  I know I saw it when Monika was helping me put my books away.

Of the four WIPs I have right now, 3 of them are done in the round and all three are in the boring phase of knit knit knit around to get length.  I am considering finishing up this camisole, then finishing up the Green Gables I started way back when and frogging the Simple Knitted Bodice I started like ... what, maybe 2 years ago?  I was kind of winging it with the pattern and heaven knows where I am.  I don't even remember what size needle I was using.  I should just frog it and use that beautiful white angora blend for something else.  My fourth WIP is the Shining Birds Eye shawl.  Zen knitting, I call it.  I haven't given up.  It's going to be gorgeous when it's done.

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