08 April, 2011

Hello Friday

I worked from home yesterday.  My IT guy got the wireless connection working and I am up and running at home.  It was raining in the morning but when it stopped - around 11:30 - I took my microwave back and got a new one that doesn't run itself.  I am so glad I kept that receipt!

I think my knitting funk is over.  This past week I have ordered yarn twice and I got one of the orders yesterday.  There is a little cardigan called Kaleidoscope that I have been wanting to knit for a while and I found some Kureyon sock yarn in a great colorway on sale at Jimmy Bean's Wool.  And then the new Knitty is out and I fell in love with Rondeur, so I bought some yarn for that as well! It will be a perfect summer top.  And I started a bag a couple nights ago.  So, no let's not do the math right now.  I know I need to decide what to do with my current WIPs and I think my previous plan is good.  I will frog the white one this weekend and get my other projects out and make sure I have the pattern instructions, etc.  Also I really really want to sew the pieces of the Cloisonne Jacket together.  Hopefully Sunday.

Yesterday evening I got my Wii hooked up to the broadband connection so now not only can I play games with other people but I can play Netflix on my TV.  So that only leaves getting the sound system to work with the TV and DVD player.  This shouldn't be a huge deal.  I just need to see how the Wii is hooked in and, using the cords that I brought with me, make it work.  This is also something I want to put on the agenda for the weekend, which is filling up fast!

Tomorrow I've got an appointment for a facial, then I need a manicure.  Gregg wants to get together to rehearse for the show at the Oxford but he thinks it is April 22 but I know we have another month.  It's not until May 22.  It's always on a Sunday and April 22 is a Friday.  I would like to postpone going to his place until next week when my weekend shouldn't be quite so full.

Now let's keep our fingers crossed for decent weather so I can get a run in at lunchtime!!!

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