14 April, 2011

Ah Ha!!

Mystery solved.  When my alarm went off this morning I reached my hand over to the clock, but instead of pushing the snooze button I turned it off!  I caught myself, obviously.  Maybe that's what I did yesterday morning.

I kind of feel like I'm getting behind on my rants.  I haven't had a good one in a while.  Of course, I'm happy now but .... well, things still do piss me off.  Of course they do.  Here's one that has gotten more and more annoying the longer I take public transportation.  (Mind you, it has not even been a full month yet that I've been riding the bus so it's bound to get worse). What really has started bothering me is getting on a bus and finding that person who is sitting alone on the seat, but leaves the window seat open!  It's not always the angry young men, either.  I saw an elderly woman doing it yesterday!  From now on I'm going to go for their empty seat.  hah!

I did finish up the collar on the jacket yesterday evening.  The little facings are now all that's left.  I might get to them this evening.  I would really like to get this thing done and off the list.

Arghghg!  One of my lights is going out and it's flickering.  Driving me crazy!  Must get this fixed ASAP.

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