20 April, 2011

How to turn a toilet into a tiara

My friend McG is a huge fan of British TV comedies and uses Netflix to search out programs and then I am badgered into watching them as well.  Not that I mind that much because I am also a fan of British comedy and I loved Saxondale, which I most likely would never have run across on my own.  The latest of the "finds" is a comedy from a few years ago called "Pulling."  The protagonist is a woman who breaks off her engagement with her boring fiance and moves into a flat with her two girlfriends to live the single life.  In the episode I watched last night one of the women said that staying drunk was how she got through being single - "That's how you turn a toilet into a tiara".  That is the best line I've heard so far in the five episodes I've watched.  Unlike McG, I don't like this sit-com near as much as Saxondale.  The writing isn't all that and, what I finally figured out, is that I don't much care for the characters.  That makes it pretty hard to watch.

I have a new workout disk for my Wii that is kicking my butt!  The Wii Fitness Plus is not a bad program but the exercises are not that difficult and the yoga is not so interesting to me.  I get a good aerobic workout with my four runs a week so it is the toning exercises that I am looking for and have found with my new EA Sports disk.  That is a hard workout and I am sore after only two days of it.  I know it sounds silly to be working out with a video game, but it seems to work and I just can't take any more time away from the dog, her being locked up 9 hours a day as it is.  This is a great compromise.

Speaking of being locked up .... she woke me up at midnight last night for the first time in weeks.  I really need to invest some time to teach her to use the Porch Potty so in those instances she must go in the middle of the night I can put her out on the balcony and she can go on her patch of fake grass.  Having a small yard is going to be one of the priorities when I get my new place.  Getting dressed in the middle of the night and strolling around the gardens is not my idea of a good time - well, not alone anyway.  It was nice and clear and the stars were out.  Cold though.  Still too cold.

Cold is on everyone's mind.  I spoke to my friend Steve yesterday afternoon.  Steve and his wife went to Italy not too long ago for a wine tasting tour.  Now he calls to tell me that they are off on two more trips in May!  At least they're not going back to Europe, but still ....  Anyway, he was saying that they had snow on the ground yesterday morning!  Good lord.  I sure hope we get a summer this year.

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