28 April, 2011

Can you call it Spring Fever when it's still like winter?

Whatever you want to call it ... I am certainly feeling it.  Restless and chomping at the bit.  I can't say for what, exactly.  Just that elusive something.  Something fun or something different or ... I don't know.  I do have a fun weekend coming up and I am giving myself an evening off from my current dietary restrictions on Sunday after the race.  Saturday after my usual running around I am going to go to Gregg's and start working on the four songs he sent me yesterday evening.  Two of them I know and two I need to learn.  I think this will be fun - well, I hope it will be fun.

It was raining so very very hard when I got home from work yesterday.  Of course rain or shine, Tinkerbell needs to go out, but it was a very abbreviated walk and still I was soaked through my coat when we got back.  That made her very restless for the remainder of the evening and I ended up taking her out two more times for little strolls around the gardens.  We were a pair last night, for sure.  After my workout and dinner I was just wandering around the apartment.  I watched the new episode of South Park and finally turned Sports Center on and sat there working on my lace project and listening to the sports news.  It is quite exciting these days.  The courts have removed the lock out  so the football players are now able to go to their facilities and work out, and the draft is starting tonight.  I was able to get two rows done before I threw in the towel.  It was at that point that I got Gregg's email with the songs, so I downloaded them from iTunes and headed to bed where I listened to them for a while and turned out the light around 10 or so. 

The birthday in Vegas seems to be going over great.  We're going to have so much fun!!  I hate birthdays, but I am going to love this one!!

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