04 April, 2011

April showers!

As much as I wanted to run on Friday, it was pouring down rain at lunchtime and I just couldn't do it.  Even though I had given someone much grief about running on a treadmill(sorry about that), I figured since the weather was so bad that it was better than nothing.   After I gave Tink and abbreviated walk, since it was raining even harder by then, I put on my workout clothes and headed down to the fitness center at the apartment complex.  Several frustrating minutes later I called the office and found out that the treadmill was broken (why wasn't there a sign?) and wouldn't be replaced until April 8.  Likewise for the bicycle.  Back I went upstairs and decided that was the time to check out the Wii Fitness Plus I had purchased.  Something was on my side because it worked a charm!  I had a fun workout and used it Saturday and Sunday as well.  It is so odd though, the Wii goes through the sound system but I can't figure out how to make the TV and DVD player go through the sound system.  Well, that's a puzzle for another day.

I worked a bit on the sleeves of the dreaded Tepotzlan and watched a silly movie and had a great sleep.  I woke up early Saturday and Tink and I headed out at 9 for a walk to Green Lake.  It's only a 1/2 hour walk from my apartment to the shore of the lake!  And it's a wonderful walk.  We passed another Westie in a fenced yard and the owner was sitting on the porch, so he let him out and he and Tink had a pleasant sniff.  When we got to the lake we walked around there for about half an hour and then headed home.  We managed to beat the rain - it started coming down just as we were approaching the apartment complex.  Bad news though, I lost my Kureyon fingerless mitts that matched my Coquille shawl!  I was getting warm and took them off and put them in my pocket.  I guess they fell out when we were running.  It's very annoying!  All my other fingerless mitts have open thumbs and it is still getting cold here in the evening.  Ah well....

Saturday afternoon I spent getting my wireless router set up.  It was not an easy job and I ended up having to call the help line.  I blame the directions, which were very unclear.  The woman at the help center got me on the right track and now I am wireless and can work from home.  My next chore will be to get the Wii hooked into the broadband.  I tried on Friday but couldn't get it to work.  Now that I have the wireless router plugged into the modem I am going to have to get a different adapter for the Wii.  Baby steps, but we're getting there.

Sunday I thought I would take Tinkerbell to the off leash dog park before I gave her a bath.  It's very muddy and she usually likes to get in there and get dirty.  I don't know if it was because we had such a long (2 hour) walk on Saturday or what, but she just wasn't interested at all in the dog park.  I had to hook her leash up to get her to even walk along with me.  I finally gave up and headed out for further errands.  I stopped by the pet store and bought an adapter for the spigot in the bathtub so I could wash her, quick stop for a pedicure, grocery shopping and back for the doggie bath.  Bad news though - the adapter didn't fit so I had to wash her in the bathtub by scooping water up and over her.  It worked but was not easy.  The up side to that is that in the morning when I'm having my shower she doesn't lay right on the mat, but instead runs from the bathroom when she hears the water running because she's afraid she's going to get another bath! 

The sleeves for the Tepotzlan were finished last night.  Don't hold your breath for a finished product though.  I am not in the mood for finishing.  I'll keep it out and in my view and maybe in a few weeks .....  Nor did I do the finishing on the Cloisonne.  The weekend just got away from me.

I got a late start today - I had a visit with the Endodontist, who gave me a clean bill of health.  In other words, I don't have to have another root canal on the other tooth.  Hooray!  Let's hope the week continues on in this vein.

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