07 April, 2011

My annual April complaint

I am sure I do this every year.  There's something about April in Seattle that is so very annoying!  Yesterday it was finally sunny in the morning and into the afternoon even.  Because of noon knitting I couldn't run but when I left work I had my sunglasses on and was looking forward to a nice long walk with Tink when I got home.  It was cold and during the ride home black clouds rolled in, so that by the time I got off the bus I no longer needed my sunglasses and it was starting to precipitate.  I got upstairs, changed into my hooded parka and by the time I got back downstairs with Tink it was sleeting.  Sleeting!  The sleet gave way to pounding rain and after 45 minutes my parka was soaked through and I was freezing!  It kept it up all night.  And now it's not even 40 degrees.  We may get some sun breaks today and tomorrow but it's a crap weekend we have to look forward to.

I found a race to sign up for yesterday.  It's the second annual Top Pot Doughnut 5K.  I ran the first one last year and I haven't run a race since!  It is on May 1st, so plenty of time to get in shape.  I mean, I could easily run a 5K now, but  my time wouldn't be good.  Last year I had a personal best and this year I hope to break it.

I had to buy a new microwave when I moved into my apartment since it doesn't have a built in one ... old building.  I didn't get a very expensive one because I am sure my new place, even though months and months down the road, will have a nice one.  I settled for a middle of the road model.  A few days after I bought it I noticed some odd burn spot on the space between the door hinge and the body of the oven.  I thought perhaps there had been a bit of plastic or something in there and didn't think much of it until a couple of nights ago when I had heated something in it and about 5 minutes after I had taken the food out the microwave started up on its own!!  I quickly put two and two together and figured out that the burn spot was most likely from the thing running on its own for long enough to melt itself!  I unplugged it immediately and it is going back today.  Luckily I kept the receipt.  What a disaster that could have been.

Now I've got to do some work.  Hopefully my IT guy can get my wireless connection on the "list" so I can download and upload some things.

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