19 April, 2011

One third of the way

I have imposed a three month transition period for myself and yesterday marked the finish of month one.  My goals are simple - get back into shape and get my life back.  So far so good.  I am quite thrilled with my progress.  I have been faithful to my rather ambitious workout plans and I am seeing good results.  What I miss is the odd glass of wine or martini (or two).  It is just not conducive to weight loss and I'd rather suffer for a few weeks less, thank you very much.  I have a couple of built in splurge days, the first one coming up May 1st after my 5K.  Can I tell you .... I am quite looking forward to it.  I am very thankful that I am not having the sleep problems I had been having .  Now I'm just worn out from all the working out.  I haven't worked out this much in over 3 years.  I do feel pretty good and I'll feel that much better when I'm done.  Two more months to go!

I do wish the weather would warm up though.  It's still darned cold all the time.  We have yet to break 60 degrees and it's well past due.  I have noticed when I get home to my apartment that it is rather warm up there on cloudless days because of the southern facing windows.  I'm going to have to get myself a fan or two because I suspect it's going to be sweltering in the summer and there is no air conditioning.

I worked a bit on the sleeves for the Green Gable top and brought it with me to work today in case I can find a few minutes to work on it.  I have a long long list of new projects but I want to finish a few more of these old ones.  Tomorrow I'm going to bring the Cloisonne Jacket with me for noon knitting and start the facings. I can't seem to get it together to pick it up at home.

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