15 April, 2011

Now I'm on a roll

I know this is a total cliche, but what is with these morons who carry on LOUD conversations on their phones on the bus?!??  I had my audio book going in my ear and I could still hear this oaf in the front of the bus conversing.  And conversing.  On and on and on and ON!!  He's lucky I wasn't sitting closer or I would have said something.  Heaven help the first person who does that sitting right next to me.  Unbelievable.

That was going home last night.  And it was raining.  When I got home I had to take Tink out, so I changed out of my skirt into a pair of pants and exchanged my umbrella for a hat and off we went.  It was coming down in buckets!  And cold?  Whoo .. felt like winter all over again.  We got soaked through, but an hour later the sky was nearly clear.  And that's springtime in Seattle for you.

Rather than work on the tedious facings for the Cloisonne Jacket I knit some more on the project bag.  I would like to felt it this weekend.  I have only about 20 more rows to go, so it is a possibility.  When I'm running around tomorrow I think I'll head to Jo-Ann's and see about getting some handles for it.  I'm supposed to be rehearsing with Gregg tomorrow as well.  I should give him a call tonight.

Today is tax return day and I have to sign my return.  My soon-to-be-ex is bringing the papers here today at 11.  This will be the first time I've seen or spoken to him since I left four weeks ago.  It already feels like a lifetime ago.  Well ... I'm happy now at any rate.  And it's only going to get better.  I just have to spend a few minutes with him and then that should be it.  I might never have to see him again, if I'm lucky.

Happy Friday!

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