13 April, 2011

No wonder I felt so refreshed!

I woke up this morning on my own, before the alarm went off.  And I felt terrific!  Completely refreshed.  I was surprised, until I picked up my iPhone and saw that it was exactly one our later than when the alarm is supposed to go off.  No wonder I felt so good!  My alarm is an iPhone docking alarm clock and the knobs for the volume and station selection are round like on the old iPod.  I must have turned the volume completely off when I put my headphones on it.  Ah well .... I managed to get in only 30 minutes late.  That's not so bad.  And I do feel good!

Last  night after dinner I sat down to pick up the stitches for the collar of the Cloisonne Jacket.  I got them picked up and knit about 1 1/2 inches.  I should be able to finish the collar between noon knitting and this evening.  Then it's the bands and that's it!  Woohoo!  Still haven't frogged the angora sweater but I will. 

I have noticed in my walks around the garden at my apartment complex that there are a few lilac trees getting ready to leaf out and the buds are thick.  I will miss being able to stroll along and snatch some, like I did in my other neighborhood.  Still, small price to pay.

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