25 April, 2011

One day is better than none

As predicted, Saturday was a glorious day!  Cloudless, the temperature was in the 60s, which is the highest temperature we've had in Seattle since autumn.  I took full advantage of it, rising at 8 o'clock.  After a quick dash to Costco, Tinkerbell and I set out for a nice long walk to the lake.  She actually got in it a couple of times but stopped short of swimming.  It was just so nice!  Everyone had a smile on their face, a spring in their steps.  When we got home I opened all the windows and did laundry and put in a few hours on the Shining Bird's Eyes shawl.

Being in such a wonderful mood, I let my mind wander while I was knitting and came up with a SUPER cool idea. I am, as I have said, quite anxious to have things to plan -- vacation type things mostly.  June is up in the air because of my sister's schedule - all but the reunion Saturday, and November is still a ways out.  But my birthday -- that's not too far away and so I have decided to have it in Las Vegas this year!  My sister can hook us up with discounted rooms at the Mandalay Bay resort, it's close enough so my nephews and my friend McG can even drive there if they want to, and anyone else in Seattle or environs that wants to come can!  It will be a blast!  I'll do August 6 - 10 and that'll give people a weekend to join me, if they want, and/or week days too!  Oh I am just REALLY excited about this!  It's going to be awesome!

Sunday was quiet, as one might imagine.  I gave Tink a bath, and we only had a couple of small walks because, true to form, Sunday was cloudy and raining.  We did find a new park, though.  I gave Tink her head and we started out in a different direction and wandered into a park dedicated to, of all things, Frisbee golf!  It's a beautiful little spot, very close by.  We haven't walked up that road before because it feeds right into a busier street.  I had no idea there was a secret park.

I did have one rather annoying piece of news this weekend.  Because I had un-friended all of my soon-to-be-ex's friends and family from my Facebook page, when one sends me a message it doesn't show right up unless you go to messages.  It's an annoying glitch.  Anyway, I found a message Saturday morning that had been sent the previous Monday by his youngest daughter.  I had accused her of stealing my clothes when she was staying with us and she would deny it again and again, even though she was the only one with access.  Finally after discovering yet another nice piece of clothing missing and being abused by her, rather nastily, I asked Mr. M if he thought the housekeeper's workers could have been responsible.  His response -- well, if his daughter said she didn't do it .....  That led me to confronting Maria, and of course her workers denied any knowledge.  Well, the message from A said that yes, she had indeed stolen my clothes and she had wanted to tell me earlier but she was "too embarrassed".  Can you BELIEVE that????  And all the crap I took from here ... " How *dare* you accuse me of stealing your things!", etc. etc.  I sent Mr. M an email telling him of the confession and saying that the housekeeper deserves an apology.  He responded that he would take care of it.  Sure.  I am so very very very VERY glad to be rid of this family.  Ick!  What ever was I thinking???  I must have been simply crazy.  Insane.  If I could take a pill that would wipe out the last 3 years in my memory I would take it.  No kidding.

So.  Enough of that.  It's raining all week but it looks like the weekend will be fine for the race.  No matter what it's doing at lunch I've got to run today.  I feel strong and I am very much looking forward to the race this weekend.!

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