01 April, 2011

From great to even greater

Yesterday started out great and got even better not long into the morning.  I got a phone call from a friend I haven't spoken to in over 3 years.  I recognized the voice immediately and we started talking as if we'd had a conversation only yesterday.   There aren't many people in our lives like that, are there?  Maybe it's because we have conversations in my imagination daily, or ... well, who knows.  It was fabulous to say hello in reality and just put the cherry on top of my day.  My week.  Dare I say month?  Well yes, because it was the last day of that month.  Now I've got a whole new month to look forward to.  Plenty of surprises (good ones) are around the corners, I just know it.

I very much wanted to run yesterday afternoon since I'd been off running since my tooth incident last Thursday.  Because I had foolishly left my flat shoes at home and walked the mile from the bus stop in high heels on Wednesday and then, even though I know better, I turned around and took Tink for another walk in the same high boots, my knees were aching and that's not good.  I took an hour walk instead and also took my running shoes home with me so I could take the boots off and walk home without hurting my knees again.  They feel fine today so unless it's pouring rain I'll go do my hour at lunchtime.  It's raining now but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

The drummer from my band contacted me yesterday.  He asked me if I wanted to sing with his new group.  Two requests in as many days.  That's nice because I really really need to find more things to do with my evenings.  I am saving the putting together of the Cloisonne Jacket for an afternoon this weekend and I looked at the sleeves I'm working on last night and they are boring and I just couldn't make myself pick them up!  I am going to watch a movie tonight so maybe I can put in an hour or two on them so I can finish the darned thing!  I need something fun to knit.

I've got big plans this weekend - lots of chores to do, cleaning, walking Tink at the lake and dog park, maybe a pedicure and a good solid afternoon working on the Cloisonne Jacket.  I also want to finally test drive the Wii.  I bought a Wii Fit system I want to try out.  It has Yoga and all sorts of fun balancing games like snow boarding plus some strength training stuff.  It would sure beat visiting the fitness center at my apartment complex.

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