18 April, 2011


I can't seem to wake up this morning.  I got a good night's sleep but if my chair reclined I'd be asleep now rather than writing.

I had a productive weekend and it went by rather quickly.  I got to bed at a decent hour on Friday night and so was up and going early Saturday.  Unfortunately it was pouring rain so Tink didn't get her morning extra long walk, but instead I decided to do my running around in hopes the skies would clear by afternoon.  First stop was a craft store to buy handles for my project bag that I was planning on felting that afternoon.  I did some research on Friday, called the store to find out of the carried leather tote handles and being told they did indeed and even had them in stock, I headed there as my first stop.  Once I got into the store I couldn't find them, so I asked a sales clerk and was told that all they had was hanging right there in the purse department.  Of course, no leather handles.  I even told the woman I had telephoned and was told they carried what I was looking for but .. uh, no.  So I made do with a pair of fabric ones.  Grrrr.  Still rainy outside I headed off for my manicure and pedicure, then the store.  By the time the groceries were put away the weather was fine enough for an hour walk.

When I got back I quickly finished up the bag and set it to felting.  It took two washers to get the desired effect.  First I washed it in hot water, low setting for one wash cycle and took it out before the rinse.  It wasn't felted nearly enough so I transferred the bag and two towels to a second washer and let it run the entire cycle and it was PERFECT!  I had purchased a bit of plastic webbing to put in the bottom for shaping and I dried it over the Wii  Sports Resort box, which was just the right size for the bottom.   On Sunday it was dry and I sewed the handles in.  I love it!  I should have taken pictures -- maybe for tomorrow.

While doing laundry I sorted through my WIPs, got organized to work on my Green Gable and that evening finally frogged the white angora modified Simple Bodice.  It's gorgeous yarn.  I'll find a good use for it.  And Saturday evening I was worn out!  I didn't stop moving until around 7, when I ate, watched a little TV and finally went to bed to watch a movie.  I had rented "I love you Phillip Morris" from iTunes but I just couldn't watch it!  Jim Carey and Ewen McGregor as two gay convicts.   Too real, too convincing and too cringe-worthy.

Having finished up all my chores and running around on Saturday,  Sunday was wide open.  Gregg had never called to rehearse on Saturday nor did I hear from him Sunday.  Also, I ended up sleeping very late again - 10 am!  I took Tink after breakfast for a two hour walk, which she loved.  And then after lunch I cleaned the apartment and read the paper and then it was 3 o'clock and .... for the first time since I've been on my own time was hanging a bit heavy on my hands.  I probably should have picked up the Shining Bird's Eyes Shawl and spent a couple hours on it but instead I had a little snooze with Tink. Ahhhh ... the afternoon nap.  Gotta love it.

It's quiet here at work.  Things won't really be picking up for me for another month.  That's fine.  I'm fine.  I call this my transition time and I'm doing great.  If ONLY I had a reclining office chair! 

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