26 April, 2011

That turned out to be not true

I didn't run yesterday, "no matter what".  It was not only raining, it was coming down in buckets!  I would have been soaked to the bone.  I am working from home today and I brought my running gear back home with me, so I will go out at lunchtime and if it's raining, I can just pop down to the fitness center and take care of it there.  I think if I run today and again on Thursday I should be fine for Sunday - rested but not too rested.

It was a funny day yesterday.  Not too busy at work, which has been the norm, but I think the weather is really starting to get to people.  It feels like winter still and it's pretty hard to take, my good mood notwithstanding.  I couldn't seem to muster up the enthusiasm to pick up any of my knitting projects.  I walked Tink a couple of times and caught up on some TV and went to bed early, only to toss and turn well into the night.  I did have my plans for Las Vegas to keep me amused for a bit.  I have a book that I am nearly finished with.  I should either finish it or chuck it and get myself a new book for my bedside reading.

I have an appointment this afternoon and am working from home today.  I have a few projects, but not much else going on.  It will be very busy soon enough. 

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