22 April, 2011

Oh Spring, where are you???

While we may have cherry blossoms and tulips, it's still cold cold cold!  I see that it is supposed to reach 60 degrees tomorrow but cloudy and rainy Sunday and through next week!  If I wasn't just so happy this weather might bring me down.  As it is, it's just annoying.  I hope the weather is nice for the race on May 1st.

I managed to spend a couple of solid hours on the Shining Bird's Eyes shawl yesterday and got a full four row repeat done and part way through the second.  Maybe I can do a few more hours this weekend.  I do want to get that finished up.  I can see that it would be useful in the springtime weather, should that ever show up that is.

There's not much on my plate for this coming weekend.  Tinkerbell needs a bath, we will have a couple of long long walks, and that's about it.  Gregg hasn't called and it's Easter weekend so I don't suppose we'll be getting together to sing.  I will be proactive next week and set something up for the 29th.  We only have four weeks to get something together.  It'll be easy for me to put a song together with McG because we have a duet we've done for years, but not so with Gregg.  We'll have to learn a few songs together or rather, I'll have to learn a few of his songs.

Looking forward to my run this lunchtime.  I have had two days off so I should be strong.  And fast.  I'm going to bring my super light Nike runners in to work with me next week.  Those are the shoes I want to race in, so I should practice in them at least a couple of times.

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